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BioMass Fuel Testing

As a complete Fuel testing service facility, SL South Charleston lab can provide all the analytical testing requirements needed in the Biomass industry. Including analysis on agricultural byproducts, wood pellets, briquettes, sawdust, hog fuels, bark and straw bales.

Biomass fuel test methods include the ASTM E870 standard, including proximate analysis, ultimate analysis, and the gross caloric value of wood fuels.

Additional ASTM and ISO tests for biomass fuels are also available. These include:
  • Diameter, EN-16127
  • Length, EN-16127
  • Unit volume mass, EN-15103, ASTM E871
  • Net calorific value, EN-14918, ASTM E711, D5865
  • Gross calorific value, dry basis, EN-14918, ASTM E711, D5865
  • Ash, EN14775, ASTM D1102
  • Chlorine, EN-15289, ASTM D4208
  • Sulfur, EN-15289, ASTM D4239
  • Ash fusion temperature, EN-15370, ASTM D1857
  • Carbon, EN-15104, ASTM D5373
  • Hydrogen, EN15104, ASTM D5373
  • Nitrogen, EN15104, ASTM D5373
  • Trace metals analysis, EN-15297, for Hg, Cd, Pb, As, Cr, Cu, Ni, Zn
BioMass Fuel Testing
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