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The official record shows that the Standard Laboratories was incorporated as a closely held company in 1954 in the town of Whitesburg, Kentucky. However, the Standard Labs story actually starts in 1949 near the small Virginia town of Darwin, Virginia. The company was not incorporated at that time but rather was an informal sideline business permitted by the Garland Coal and Mining Company.

Garland decided to set up its own in-house lab and offered employment to Gladys B. (Stallard) Berchtold and Troy R. Stallard. As a part of the terms of employment, Gladys & Troy negotiated a provision which permitted them to provide lab services to other coal companies.

In 1954, Gladys B. (Stallard) Berchtold founded Standard Laboratories, Inc as an independent testing laboratory firm. For many years, SL was a small and successful regional owner-operator business. Gladys and Troy worked together as president, manager, sales executive, lead technician and sampler. Through their hard work and business savvy, SL’s reputation as excellent lab grew and Standard Labs slowly grew to multiple locations in the Central Appalachian Coal basin.

In 1975, Gladys’ son, Troy F. Stallard, started his career with Standard Labs. Troy’s vision was to grow Standard Laboratories into a national network of testing facilities in all major coal basins. In order to accomplish this goal, he had to develop a strong management team capable of directing multiple operations across the country and develop a consistent quality program for all SL testing facilities.

In 1979, this same leadership team began Precision Samplers, Inc. (PSI) The first step for any laboratory analysis is acquiring a representative sample. During this time, most sampling can from a shovel. PSI provided and still provides the industry non-biased mechanical sampling systems to help insure our customers are getting the most accurate analysis that we can provide.

In 1980, we pioneered the concept of on-site operation of coal testing facilities when we opened our laboratory in Huntington, Utah, dedicated to Utah Power and Light. The philosophy of on-site work has flourished as more and more customers appreciate value of having lab work done near the mining operation. SL continues today to be the leader on on-site operations with 20 on-site labs performing analysis in the coal, coking coal, steel and aluminum industries.

In 1982, Sampling Associates International was formed to address a paradigm shift in the eastern U. S. coal export market. Until that time, export coal was sampled manually. With increased emphasis on quality from the overseas consumers came the installation of mechanical sampling systems in the ship loading terminals. SAI was formed as a "partnership of professionals" to provide for the operation and maintenance of these systems. SAI today has continued to grow and has operations in many sites outside of the United States, including South America and Asia.

In 1987, we expanded the on-site laboratory concept when we integrated our Henderson, Kentucky laboratory with the central laboratory of Amax Coal Co. in Evansville, Indiana.

In 1990, Standard Laboratories, Inc. purchased the coal testing assets of Core Laboratories. This strategic acquisition consummated Standard Laboratories' goal of becoming a national provider of coal testing in all the major producing areas. Our Western Division, headquartered in Casper, Wyoming, now provides coal related services for over three hundred million tons of annual production.

In 1991, Peabody Coal Co. followed Amax's lead and chose Standard Laboratories as the owner and operator of its central laboratory in Freeburg, Illinois. Our Freeburg laboratory has grown in technology to become nationally recognized as a quality provider of specialty coal related analyses.

In 1992, we acquired the laboratories owned by Gregory Gould. Standard Laboratories and Mr. Gould had worked together in a loose affiliation for many years and this merger was a natural outcome of that relationship. The Northern Division central laboratory in Cresson, Pennsylvania is nationally known for its variety of high quality services and specializes in high rank coals common to the northeast.

In 1996, Standard Laboratories, Inc. acquired National Laboratories in Evansville, Indiana and merged the existing environmental laboratory with the newly acquired laboratory forming Central States Analytical. CSA has since diversified its offerings beyond environmental testing into food and beverage testing, as well as other matrices.

In 1998, Appalachian States Analytical was formed to provide environmental services for the energy industry in central Appalachia.

In 2007, Standard Labs added C.O.A.L (coal testing lab) and N.E.S.T. (environmental lab) in Belington, WV to its West Virginia division. The facility for these two large commercial laboratories is perfectly situated to provide routine daily work and large-scale sampling projects from the northern panhandle to the north-central coal fields of West Virginia.

In 2016, Standard Laboratories partnered with Touchtone Research Lab to for a new joint venture, Touchstone Testing Lab. Touchstone Testing Lab (TTL) is a material testing lab focused on serving the automotive and aerospace industries. Two TTL has 3 operations. A commercial lab in Triadelphia, WV and two on-site labs.

In 2019, SL acquired Tradet Laboratory in Wheeling, WV. With existing laboratories already in Belington, WV; Cresson, PA; and Gormania, WV; the new Wheeling, WV lab enables SL to service all regions of the Northern Appalachian Coal basin.

It has been a very busy 65+ years for SL. We expect the next 65 years to be the same.
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