75+ Years of Comprehensive Analytical Testing

Standard Labs is a leading U.S. laboratory specializing with a wide range of services in many different industries. Our customers have confidence SL will accomplish all their quality control requirements in a professional manner, so they can focus their time, energy & resources on their core business.

SL actively seeks to work with our customer to become fully integrated into their quality control programs by supporting not only test results but also by consulting and partnering in the overall effort to maximize Quality Control efforts.

Area of Expertise


A wide variety of fuel sampling and testing, as well as other support services for the coal mining and processing industries.


Federal and state monitoring and testing requirements for water, soil, mixed waste, limestone, sludge and overburden.


Touchstone Testing Lab (TTL) is the largest commercial failure analysis, R&D and testing facility in the Mid-Atlantic region.


Standard Labs uses several methods for determining the major, minor, trace and rare earth elements.


Standard Labs is dedicated to the pursuit of providing the best sampling equipment for each specific job.

Proficiency Programs / Reference Material

Our laboratories use Proficiency Testing to verify the accuracy and reliability of its testing.