About Standard Laboratories

Standard Laboratories, Inc. currently operates 23 laboratories in the U.S. specializing in coal sampling and analysis, with additional analytical capability in soil, water, environmental and geochemical matrices.

Our testing capabilities are comprehensive, ranging from routine mine control work and large washability studies to trace analyses for over one thousand analytics and complex research programs. We have also formed a number of diversified entities to provide a wider range of services to the world’s energy and environment related industries.These include consultation services in a number of areas, design and manufacturing of bulk material sampling equipment and operation and maintenance of terminal and laboratory facilities in other parts of the world.

We are a company committed to our vision of being “the very best testing firm in the world.” We intend to be the “very best” for you our customer, our employees and for our shareholders.

To attain that vision we have established three corporate objectives that serve to define our mission:

    • Exceed Customer Expectations: By providing the highest quality testing services and products to the industries in which we participate at a fair market value.
    • Exceed Employee Expectations: By providing a superior work environment for our employees that is safe, promising, and fun.
    • Provide for Financial Stability: By capturing a dominant market share with reasonable returns while utilizing good ethical business practices