Proficiency Programs / Reference Material

Proficiency Testing Programs

Our laboratories use Proficiency Testing to verify the accuracy and reliability of its testing. It is a critical tool used to validate the entire testing process, including competency of lab technicians. A strong, consistent and routinely run proficiency testing program is essential for any high-quality laboratory.

Because Standard Labs is committed to providing the most accurate analysis, SL established its own proficiency testing firm, Quality Assurance Resources, LLC (QAR), which has become the industry leader in coal proficiency testing programs & coal reference material production.

Quality Assurance Resources allows Standard Laboratories facilities compare their analytical performance of known values with other high-quality domestic and international laboratories.

Reference Material

With testing facilities throughout the United States, Standard Laboratories, has easy access to coals from all coal basins across the country. As coal is such a heterogeneous product, having access to so many types of coal enable QAR to provide a reference material to comply with many different applications and needs.

In addition to providing our own laboratories top-of-the-line reference material. The same reference material is available for sale through Leco and Preiser Scientific. This is just another example of how Standard Labs works to continue to the improvement in the quality assurance and professionalism within our own laboratory network, and also is proving the entire industry quality homogenous reference material to enhance all testing firms and the industry in general.