In 1982, Sampling Associates International was formed as a partnership of four coal testing labs in the Norfolk, Virginia area. See the “Partnership” Section for more details on this very important relationship in Std Labs history. Our Norfolk lab was closed as a part of the partnership agreement and Merrill Bergstedt was relocated to Charleston, WV and became an employee of Precision Samplers Incorporated.

Mick Samples was named Technical Director of Std Labs and remained in that position until 1996 when he was replaced by Rich Wilburn. Mick also managed numerous Standard field crews (from a variety of our laboratories primarily in the Eastern coal fields with several efforts in Mid-America and the West) and supported Technical Services’ bias testing and he also provided most of Technical Services’ laboratory analyses.

Kim Jarrell became lab manager at the Pikeville, Ky lab.

That same year a new profit center, The Journal of Coal Quality, allowed Std Labs to enter the publishing field. The editor was Karen Gallagher and this venture is discussed more fully under the Diversification Section.

A satellite coal lab was opened in Grandview, Indiana under Jan Salyer’s supervision.

About 1982 a coal lab was opened in Caryville, Tennessee under Linda Vitatoe who reported to Delano Thomas.