1985 to 1990

1985 brought another venture into the coal testing equipment business as Std Labs became a partner of Mineral Consultants of Australia in the entity named “Coalscan Sales, Inc.” which is discussed under the “Partnership” Section.

Also in 1985 Linda Vitatoe closed the Caryville lab and opened a lab in Jacksboro, She was manger for many years until replaced, upon retirement, by Scott Robbins who eventually was promoted to Division level management.

Dick Kelly was replaced by Lee Rigsby in the role of Vice President of Technical Services Division in 1986 after Dick resigned from the company to work for a competitor. This entity then morphed into Vanguard Solutions (see the Appendix for more information). During these times the Technical Services Division and subsequently Vanguard Solutions, provided the round robin samples and data management of SL’s quality control programs and provided numerous calibration samples on a fee basis for Std Labs.

From 1985 to 1990 the corporate records have been lost due to a fire at the Charleston facility on the Elk River. Consequently, the exact timing of lab openings and names of lab managers during that time have been unretrievable.

Mid 80’s brought about the AMAX contract (see Acquisitions tab) and Tim Steiner joined the company as manager of the Evansville, Ind. lab.

However, a number of branch labs were opened in that time period and to the best of our knowledge include the following with assumed managers:

  • Claremore, Okla supervised by Len Lacey
  • Gilbert, WV (also known as Mingo Logan) supervised by Thompson followed by Dave Gogas, Donald Kerns and Norma Accord.
  • South Shore, KY supervised by Mike Hood. This lab closed before 1993.
  • Drennen, WV supervised by Terry Powers and Dan Cowen. This lab closed before 1993
  • Thacker, WV supervised by Rick Smith and later Neil Sesco.
  • Inez, KY supervised by Jimmy Moore. Jimmy was later (1993) injured in an automobile accident, ironically caused by a CT&E driver. The lab was closed in 96.
  • Camden, IND supervised by Tony Hinton followed by Tim Wilder. This lab also closed before 1993.
  • Ragland, WV supervised by Charles Runyon followed by Dale Thomas and then Norma Accord. Ragland was closed in 2007.
  • Van, WV supervised by Tim Baker
  • Cannelburg, KY supervised by Mark Ligon and later by Melody Cockerham.
  • Catlettsburg, KY, referred to as Ashland’s Tri-State Terminals at Lockwood, supervised by Freeland Wright as manger. This lab has had a number of managersover the years including Val Salow, Rick King, Chuck Vidas, Mike Hoskins and Greg Webb.Ky
  • Lee Rigsby opened a lab in Ashland,Ky in this time period where Freelin Wright and Stephanie Pritchard were managers.
  • Warncliffe,WV supervised by Richard Charles and later by Eddie Daniels.
  • Holden, WV supervised by Woody McFann and later by Chris Blair and Melvin Holt.