The year 1990 marked a key event in the history of the company as Std Labs acquired the coal, environmental and water testing assets of Core Laboratories (discussed in the Acquisitions Section) which comprised eight labs located in Texas, Indiana and Wyoming. This purchase brought into the company a number of new managers including Mike Alexander as head of the Mid America Division Manager. The organization charts shown on the following pages summarize the structure of the company as of November 2, 1990.

The new labs acquired under the Core Laboratories consisted of the following:

    • Casper, WYO where Ed Smith was manager until Steve Miladinovich replaced him after a later Gould Energy acquisition.
    • Jacobs Ranch, WYO where Karen Hubbard was manager. She was followed by Kathy Holt.
    • Buckskin, WYO where Judy Looney was manager. Judy took another lab (Wright, WYO) later and was replaced by Jennifer Reints. Much later Judy returned to manage the Buckskin lab.
    • Thunder Basin, WYO where Tim York was manger. Thunder Basin was had a number of mangers including Penny Bear, Brian Beierie, Steve Johnson and Brenda Briley.
    • Tyler, TX where Mike Alexander was manger. Mike was later moved to Evansville, IND to manage the Mid America Division replacing Jan DeMar who joined the corporate staff until she left the company after a second marriage.
    • The Tyler lab was sold in 1992 to Mike Alexander who wished to leave the company and pursue his own interests.