Gould Energy of New York owned by Greg Gould sold its laboratories in Cresson, Pennsylvania, Gormania, West Virginia and a saellite facility in St. Louis, Mo. to Std Labs in 1992. In addition to the new facilities, Std Labs received managers that have had tremendous impact on the parent company. Steve Miladinovich, who was Gould Energy’s executive vice president and chief operating officer became head of the Western Division and has made it a very vital part of the overall enterprise. Tom Righthour remained as the Cresson Lab Manager and has been active in that position up through the present. The Gormania lab has been managed by Debbie Pritts (Don Seigh was interim manager for a period of time). The addition of Gould Energy also gave Std Labs new capabilities in fuel testing protocols.

That same year Coalscan Sales became Scan Technologies and Kirby Martin was hired and named its President. Kirby had been a salesman in the coal industry and had actively participated in many associations within the industry becoming quite a recognized figure.

A lab was opened in Dunlap, Tennessee under the supervision of Casey Edgemon. Later managers included DeWayne Stoward and Cris Campbell.

Std Labs sells its Tyler, TX lab to Mike Alexander

Std Labs was awarded the Antelope mine facility in Wyoming then owned by NERCO and was initially managed by Kelly Manor. He was later followed by Melissa Wrigley, Kerry Jackson, Kaylene Smelser, Steven Johnson, Barb Kari, Thea Haefele and Stephanie Smart, the current manager.

1992 also saw the award of a lab at Colstrip, MT for the Western Energy Company. It was managed by Tom Chavez and later by Scott Rosetto, Dickie Gregg, Dusty Nagel, Ken Rohlf and Levi Geer.