The year 1994 brought about many changes as the Coalscan Technologies partnership was officially dissolved and Kirby Martin left the business to pursue other options.

About this time the Ashland Division was created with Mick Samples as Vice President. The customer, Ashland Coal Company had three labs to support their mining and transportation facilities. Two labs were mine site operations called Hobet 21 (Madison, Wv) and Hobet 07 (Holden, Wv) and a third lab at Lockwood, Ky (referred to as Catlettsburg was at their Tri-State Terminals. Managers included Rick King at Lockwood, Vicki DeHart at Madison and Woody McFann at Holden. The Ashland Division also eventually supported the DalTex operation at Sharples, Wv

A contract lab was established in Ashland, KY under Rick King and the commercial Ashland lab moved to Lockwood, KY. Later managers included Brenda Briley, Mike Hoskins and Greg Webb.

Std Labs is awarded the Crystal River, FLA lab for Florida Power which had been operated by SAI. Florida Power had become dissatisfied with SAI’s top manager and decided to bid the contract out to another firm. Rick Hatton was named laboratory manager. He was later replaced by Mike Eberhardt after Rick became ill and eventually died. The lab lost its contract in 2013 when Mike violated Florida Power rules by bringing a pistol into work in his vehicle.

A river terminal lab was opened at Cannelton, WV with Chuck Mooney as manager. Later, Greg Taylor and David Denny became managers at that location.

The Ashland lab is moved to Lockwood Coal Terminal.

A branch lab for Hobet Mining was opened in Holden, WV (called Pine Creek) with Melvin Holt as manager.

A lab at the Big Sky mine owned by Peabody, located in Colstrip, MT was established in 1994 under Tom Crook and later Dickie Gregg which was later closed in 2000 when mine operations ceased.

Andy Leachman opened at lab at Sharples, WV which was lated called Hobet and then Madison. Later mangers were Vicki Dehart and Donald Kerns.