The year 1995 brought Todd Stallard into PSI as Sales Manager. Todd had obtained a degree in entrepreneurship from Gettysburg College. He then spent a couple of years working for Commercial Insurance of Charleston, WV. There he developed sales, marketing and organizational skills under the tutorship of Frank Baer who had long been a supplier of insurance services for Std Labs.

Todd would work for PSI for several years under Israel Broome where he developed technical skills regarding sampling theory and operating systems. In this job he also became knowledgable in the coal sampling and testing industry with regard to its needs and its players. Much more will be said about Todd’s contributions to the company as the years unfold.

This same year Troy Stallard was honored as “Entrepreneur of the Year” for technology in West Virginia.

A lab at Sturgis KY was established.

In Eskdale, WV a lab was opened under Greg Taylor. This lab was for Catenary Coal Company (and sometimes called Leewood or Samples Mine at Cabin Creek, Wv). It was later managed by Robert Funfstuck.

A lab was set up in Maysville, IND (later moved to Washington, IND) and was managed by Rick Garett then later by Melody Cockerham.

A lab at Naugatuck, WV (Marrowbone) was operated by Danny White and then by Danny Montgomery.