This year SEER Services was opened by Mick Samples which is discussed under the “Diversification” section. Mick was assisted in engineering by Tom Moore formerly of Amax Coal Co.

A lab in Lookout, Wv was installed in 1996 and David Denny became manager. He was later succeeded by Clay Fields.

Std Labs acquires National Laboratories of Evansville, IND and establishes Central States Analytical (to be discussed in the “Acquisitions” section) with Steve Barnett as manager.

Rich Wilburn, manager of the Freeburg lab, is officially named Technical Director for all Std Lab operations as Mick Samples, formerly Technical Director, prepared to open a new service called SEER Services which is discussed under the Diversifications tab.

This same year Std Labs enters into a joint venture with Tradet Laboratories of Wheeling, WV owned by Bill Kalb. This venture was headed by El Wagner, formerly of SGS, and will be described under the “Partnership” section. In 2019 Std Labs acquired Tradet, to be discussed in the “Acquisitions” section.

Kennecott Energy awarded Std Labs with contract labs this year. They purchased the assets of several mines including the former NERCO facilities. This required a change in organization and the result was Karen Hubbard becoming supervisor at the Cordero mine in Wyo, later managed by Patrick Ranum and currently by Shellie Thomas. Kathy Holt became supervisor at Jacobs Ranch, WYO, and remained as the manager until the sale of the mine to Arch Coal in 2009. Melissa Wrigley became supervisor of the Antelope mine now managed by Stephanie Smart. Shauna McNabb (Williams) became supervisor at the Spring Creek mine located near Decker, MT and is the current manager.

A new lab was opened in Catlettsburg, Ky when Danny Montgomery was named manager. This lab was closed in 2001 when the work was transferred to the Ashland, Ky lab.

This same year the company tried to develop an environmental lab in Evansville, IND with Judy Snider as manager.

David Denny opened a lab for the company in Beckley, WV (sometimes referred to as Lookout, Wv). He was succeeded by Clay Fields.