Core Laboratories (Coal Testing Assets)


Core Laboratories, Inc., a Texas firm specializing in drill core analysis, approached Std Labs about selling their coal testing assets in the Power River coal fields in Wyoming. They were primarily involved in supplying test results to the petrochemical industry and did not want to further develop their coal testing business. After a number of months an agreement was reached in 1990 whereas Std Labs acquired the assets of eight labs which were located in Wyoming, Texas and Indiana. This move became the seed for Western Division of Std Labs and comprised five laboratories.

Casper: Commerical facility with Ed Smith as manager and Shaun Harshman as Coal Services Supervisor. In 1992 Ed Smith became Western Dibision Technical Services Manager and Steve Miladinovich from Gould Energy became the manager. Assistant managers for this facility included Shaun Harshman, Jan Yarbrough, Daneil Cundall and Michael Herndon who was named manager of the facility in 2019.

Caballo Rojo: Originally owned by Mobil and managed by Bryan Dahlman. The lab changed from a contract to an in-house operation until its sale to Cordero Mining which then formed the Cordero Rojo complex. Laboratory operations were merged with Corder Mining at that time.

Jacob’s Ranch: Originally owned by Kerr McGee and managed by Judy Looney. The laboratory was purchased by Kennecott Energy in 1996 and was then managed by Kathy Holt who remained the manager until the mine was purchased by Arch Coal in 2009 and merged the lab operations with the Black Thunder lab.

Buckskin: Originally owned by Triton Coal and now Kiewit Mining. Managers at this site included Karen Hubbard, Jennifier Reints and Judy Looney who serves as the current manager.

Black Thunder: Originally owned by ARCO and now Arch Coal. Managers at this site have included Tim York, Penny Bear, Brian Beierle, Steve Johnson and Brenda Briley who serves as the current manager.

In 1990 Std Labs was awarded the lab contract at Spring Creek near Decker, MT. the lab was managed by Don Phillips, Don Kollekowski and Shauna McNabb. The lab was awarded to a different coal service supplier in 2000, but in 2002 Std Labs was, again, asked to manage the operation and is now managed by Shauna McNabb.

Originally, Ed Smith was the manger for the Wyoming labs of Casper, Mobil, Kerr-McGee, Triton and Thunder Basin which together formed the Western Division.

Mike Alexander was manager of the Tyler, Texas environmental lab. This lab was in operation for a couple of years while Mike came to the Evansville, Ind lab replacing Jan Salyer. Eventually, Mike bought the Tyler lab back from Std Labs and remained there.

In short order Steve Miladinovich from the Gould Energy acquisition was named Manger of the Western Division. Ed Smith became Manager of Special Projects. Steve was able to expand his division into the largest Std Labs Division consisting of Montana, Utah, Colorado, Texas and Arkansas laboratories.

This was the largest purchase, over three million dollars, ever made by Std Labs and has been one of its most successful expansions. This deal gave the company nationwide market coverage and a bundle of managerial talent in low ranked coals as well as one environmental lab.