Field Services

Sampling is the first and most critical step in any laboratory analysis. A non-representative sample can bias lab results. Without a representative sample the rest of the testing is meaningless.

Therefore, SL continually trains our field samplers. This extensive training ensures that samples are collected randomly and are properly preserved and treated for the appropriate lab parameter that is to be tested.

In addition to following detailed Standard Operating Procedures, SL owns a full array of field sampling equipment. From interface probes like sample dippers to GPS tracking devices, SL has all the tools for precise and efficient sample collection.

Also, SL has a large fleet of heavy duty trucks and four wheelers for sampling those hard to access sampling points.

Because of our experience, training, and investments in sampling, a majority our clients request our SL sampling services as we provide a better and most accurate sample at a lower cost than they can do it themselves.

Scope of Field and Environmental Sampling

  • NPDES Sampling
  • Grab and 24-Hour Composite Sampling
  • Priority Pollutant Sampling
  • Flow Monitoring
  • Solid/Hazardous Waste Sampling
  • River and Stream Monitoring
  • Method 9 Visual Emissions Observations
  • Ground Water Sampling
  • Routine Sample Pick-Up Service