Gilbert Coal Testing

In 2013 Std Labs acquired the assets of Gilbert Coal Testing located in Gilbert West Virginia. This lab was owned by Terry Samons who had been an old time friend and supporter of Buck Harless, a coal producer in the southern West Virginia coalfields.

Troy Stallard and Std Labs had been familiar with Terry and Gilbert Coal Testing for a number of years first as friendly competitors and eventually as personal friends. In fact, Terry became a partner in the establishment of Appalachian States Analytical in 2002 with Std Labs and Ama Bowen (see Appalachian States Analytical in the Partnership Section).

Terry had received a Law Degree from Harvard University and was becoming more and more involved in his law practice and less in his coal testing company. Thus, after years of cooperation with Std Labs, Terry decided to offer his coal testing (and ASA) interests to Std Labs and an agreement was quickly reached.

The lab was managed by Dave Richards and operations continued as before under Std Labs ownership. Later managers were Matthew Adams and finally Drema Riffe. As a result in the decline of thermal coal production in the southern part of West Virginia the Gilbert lab was closed in 2018.