The Journal of Coal Quality

Std Labs announced in August of 1981 the creation of a technical journal dedicated to the international coal industry. The journal was published quarterly in Charleston, WV.

The new publication, The Journal of Coal Quality, was the first of its kind to specifically address all phases of coal quality, including methods, testing, sampling, consulting, and engineering, as well as international, environmental, and governmental issues. To promote this mission, the Journal presented information on all facets of the coal quality industry from production through consumption. It show-cased new ideas for testing methodology and new laboratory equipment. Personnel news and industry events of interest were highlighted. The Journal was aimed at helping develop a sense of community among fellow participants in the coal testing profession. A copy of the first issue is presented in the Appendix as Article N.

Technical articles presented in the Coal Testing Conference constituted the body of the publication and their authors became its Contributing Editors. Advertisers consisted of suppliers of products and services to the industry.

Karen Gallagher, Coal Testing Conference Manager, became its Editor and was responsible for managing the journal organized as a profit making venture.

This enterprise lasted under Std Labs ownership until 1991 when the International Coal Testing Conference was terminated. At that time the publication was sold to Western Kentucky University where it continued for only a few issues.