Met Coal Analysis

Only Standard Laboratories, Inc. has three ISO 17025 accredited metallurgical laboratories in West Virginia and Kentucky. No other laboratory firm in the region is better equipped with more experience and expertise that Standard Laboratories.

The stakes are too high with metallurgical coal for inferior analytical service. An impure lot of metallurgical coal will not only ruin the production batch of steel but can damage the entire blast furnace.

Over each of the last 15 years, SL has increased its work with metallurgical coal producers. As our workload increases, so does our expertise and instrumentation. Our 3 metallurgical labs providing the following instrumentation:

    • 8 – Dilatometers
    • 8 – Plastometers
    • 10 – Oxidations ovens
    • 10 – Volatile Matter Ovens
    • 5 – Inductively coupled plasma spectroscopes for elemental analysis
    • 1 – X-Ray Florescence instrumentation for elemental analysis
    • 2 – CRI/CSR instruments
    • 1 – Australian Tumblers
    • 2 – State-of-the-art float sink /washability stations for prep plant efficiency projects.

Person Petrographics, the top petrographic firm in North America, operated in our Scott Depot, WV corporate office providing our customers one location for all their metallurgical analytical needs.