Quality Assurance Resources (QAR)

Std Labs has had a long and interwoven affair with standard reference materials. Since the inception of the company reference materials has been an integral part of its established procedures. Initially, the company purchased such materials from the providers recognized by the industry. In time, the company realized the need for internal round robin programs to satisfy the growing number of laboratories. Under Dick Kelly and Technical Services Division the company began to offer the Std Labs Round Robin (SLRR) to other companies on a commercial basis. Later, Lee Rigsby, as he departed from his role as Manager of Technical Services, set up a non-related company under the name, Vanguard Solutions and offered round robin programs and reference materials. Std Labs used Vanguard for many years as its main source for its needs.

Rich Wilburn in his role as Technical Director eventually recognized that Vanguard Solutions was not meeting the company strict requirements for reference materials and round robin programs. He and Rick Flesher conceived a plan wherein Std Labs, utilizing the Freeburg laboratory, could manufacturer superior reference materials and improved the existing internal round robin programs. A partnership was formed of Rich, Rick and Std Labs and the name, Quality Assurance Resources (QAR), was selected.

QAR’s products were quickly recognized by the industry for quality and dependability of service, and eventually, contracts with Preiser Mineco (the largest laboratory equipment supplier in the coal testing industry) and Leco (the largest coal laboratory equipment manufacturer) were negotiated and implemented.

The business had developed into a stable source of income and supplies.

In 2013 Don Merritt was named Manager of QAR.

Rich after developing health issues begin planning on retirement from Std Labs. In an April Board Meeting a discussion of his selling his interest was initiated. The deal, after a long and somewhat contested negotiation, Std Labs purchased Rich’s shares and Don Merritt was named President of the company.

In 2017 QAR was certified to ISO 17043 and ISO 17034.

Tim Hutchison was named Manager of QAR.