SEER Services


In 1997 Std Labs initiated a new wholly owned consulting service organized and lead by Mick Samples. This was an attempt toward horizontal integration within the coal testing industry both nationally and abroad. The concept was to utilize Mick’s technical knowledge and status in the industry to broaden the company’s visibility and diversify its income stream. Seer Services was to draw upon the resources of Std Labs and its partners to provide process and project engineering, measurement and management in the coal quality and utilization space. More specifically, this service provided consulting in the areas of coal processing and preparation, quality and quantity measurements, data and quality management systems and technical assessments related to commerce.

In essence, SEER Services was a newly commissioned company within the Standard Laboratories family of companies. Using Standard’s expertise and capability with strategic alliances with other highly reputable organizations, SEER Services offered a wide variety of technical and value added services. SEER Services provided expertise in process and project engineering and data management to improve efficiency and reduce cost. The staff and associates have many years experience in management systems and technical assessments related to coal commerce.

A brochure further describing Seer Services capabilities is included in the Appendix.

This organization completed a number of projects but was finally phased out in 2002.