Touchstone Testing Lab, LLC

Touchstone Testing Laboratories (TTL) is a customer focused company striving to be the “best in class” service provider for materials testing, materials characterization, failure analysis, material development support services, machining and prototype services. We are comprised of a staff that is fully trained with university educations from Bachelors to Doctoral degrees as well as high school educations with specialized training in various fields of physical, chemical and biological sciences, and technologies. With more than 100 years of combined experience between our employees, we are ready to approach any problem our customers may have. Aerospace, automotive, and power generation original equipment manufactures (OEMs) as well as mining, and materials manufacturers are our major customers. We collaborate with our parent companies, Standard Laboratories, Inc. for additional services like coal testing, water testing, environmental testing, etc. , and Touchstone Research Laboratory for thermophysical testing.

TTL was formed in 2016 under the leadership of Brian Joseph (Touchstone Research Laboratory CEO) and Todd Stallard (Chairman of the Board of Standard Laboratories) because of mutual interests in the indepentent laboratory testing field. The company has grown since then to several physical facilities in West Virginia and Pennsylvania a staff of over 25 employees from many backgrounds and fields of interest.