Vanguard Solutions, Inc

Vanguard Solutions was established in 1992 by Std Labs in partnership with and managed by Lee Rigsby. Lee Rigsby had previously worked for TriState Testing and Ashland Coal before coming to Std Labs in 1986 as Technical Services Manager succeeding Mick Samples. Lee holds a BS degree in Chemistry from Marshall University and a Master of Business Administration degree from XavierUniversity.

This new enterprise was an effort to bring more professional round robin programs, better certified reference materials, consulting, and bias testing of mechanical sampling equipment utilizing Lee’s stature in the industry and the resources of Std Labs. Vanguard also managed the International Coal Testing Conference for several years.

This venture grew out of the Standard Laboratories Round Robin (SLRR) initiated in the late 1970s to provide the company with internal QC intralab measurements and standard samples. Dick Kelly started the program which was later managed by Mick Samples and eventually moved into Vanguard Solutions. In addition, Vanguard also incorporated the mechanical sampling activities being preformed by the Technical Services Division.

Vanguard operated out of Ashland, Ky for several years and then Standard sold its shares to Lee Rigsby when he opted to create his own business. That business retained the name and the round robin programs in which Std Labs participated until 2007 when Std Labs initiated its own internal in-house proficiency testing materials.

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