The first strategic move consisted of the company forming a joint venture in 1975 with Fuel Engineering of New York which was owned by Greg

In the later part of 1979 Jan DeMar, Manager of the Henderson, Kentucky Lab was approached by Public Service of Indiana regarding a particular sampling

Before 1980 coal sampling in the Tidewater area of Virginia (and, indeed, on all the coal terminals in the United States), was strictly limited to

NUCLEAR STOCKPILE INVENTORIES In the late 1980s Greg Gould of Fuel Engineering and Std Labs decided to start a new business wherein coal stockpiles at

Vanguard Solutions was established in 1992 by Std Labs in partnership with and managed by Lee Rigsby. Lee Rigsby had previously worked for TriState Testing

HAMPTON ROADS TESTING AND STD LABS A partnership was formed by Hampton Roads Testing (HRT) and Std Labs to establish and operate a coal testing

MOUNTAIN STATES ANALYTICAL, INC. In the early 1990s Std Labs had set up a partnership with Earl Hess of Lancaster Laboratories, Inc of Pennsylvania, a

In 1994 Std Labs decided to use a part of the Evansville Coal Laboratory to develop an environmental effort to augment its coal business in

In 1997 Ama Bowman (later Bentley) and Troy Stallard met at a Coal Age Conference in Lexington, Ky. In that meeting Ama informed Troy that

Some time around 2010 Bill Kalb of Tradet Laboratories informed Troy Stallard, a long time ACIL friend, to disclose that El Wagner, a former SGS

Std Labs has had a long and interwoven affair with standard reference materials. Since the inception of the company reference materials has been an integral

Touchstone Testing Laboratories (TTL) is a customer focused company striving to be the “best in class” service provider for materials testing, materials characterization, failure analysis,