A sense of normality returned to the country, world, as the Covid 19 virus slowed down. The coal industry production leveled off at 600 million tons, but coal exports actually increased. The Russian war in Ukraine increased the value of coal worldwide as NATO and other Western Nations stopped purchasing Russian fossil fuel, particularly Russian […]

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2021 was a difficult year as the Covid 19 pandemic enveloped the entire world. Standard Labs was not excluded. Many of our employees across the nation contracted the illness. Standard Labs lost Mike Kulow, a lab manager in the Western Division. Cheryl Gardner from the NARM lab was put on a ventilator. The pandemic caused

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In 2020 the company sold its holdings in Appalachian States Analytical (see ASA in the Partnerships section) to Pace Analytical Services, LLC, one one the largest full service laboratories in the United States. This sale marked Std Labs departure from the eastern Kentucky coal fields after becoming established there over 71 years ago. This was

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2019 marked a new era in the company’s top management as Rick Flesher retired September 1 after many years of loyal service. Rick lead the company to its highest point in revenues and number of employees. He moved Std Labs from being an important participant in the industry to being the dominant factor in coal

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In 2014 Std won a major contract with PEABODY COAL COMPANY and five new labs were added to company’s locations. They included: NARM of Wright, WYO headed by Jeremy Burks NARM North of Wright, WYO headed by Kathy Holt Caballo of Gillette, WYO headed by Mike Just Rawhide of Gillette, WYO headed by Ronda Godfrey

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The year of 2013 begin with the acquisition of Gilbert Testing of Gilbert, WV. This lab was owned by Terry Sammons who was a partner in Appalachian States Analytical and will be discussed under “Acquisitions”. Dave Richards was manager. Don Merritt was named Manager of QAR, LLC which is described in the Partnerships tab.

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A lab in Birch River, Wv (managed out of Belington) was opened in 2012 (closed in 2013) along with a lab in Grafton, Wv where Rick Malcolm had become manager. This lab was in support of Leer Coal under the name of ACI Tygart. A satellite ash chemistry lab was installed at Mount Vernon, IND.

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